VAG Fuel Injector Cups

Cup outer dimensions: 22 x 1.5 mm threads x 11 mm long. 16 mm overall length.
Cup inner dimensions: 14 mm bore x 10 mm deep. 10 mm hex on outlet end allows use of 10 mm allen wrench for installation. 1 mm chamfer at entry allows O-ring to compress into bore.
When installed, the distance from the top of the cup to the bottom of the pressure-end O-ring seat is 56 mm. The injector nozzle protrudes 5 mm from the cup (for this particular injector).

The fuel rail has a 13.5 mm bore for the pressure end of the injector, so it is probably a good idea to make the injection end tighter than 14.0 mm for high boost engines. A gentle measurement of the installed O-rings gives 14.5 mm.

Dave Hartnell is on the case and has measured some of these parts, here's the definitive set of part numbers. Help fill in the question marks! Send me info now!

Part No.ThreadsInjector
037 133 555A 22x1.5M EFI G60, Digi II PG,PF
??? 24x1.5M EFI ??? ???
??? 22x1.5M CIS ??? ???
063 133 555 24x1.5M CIS Pre-'84 solid lifter heads EN

      From:                      02/12/2002 22:47
   Subject: [megasquirt] Re: i.d. of injector bung

   From looking at the VW/Audi parts program, it looks like the
   part # you want is

      037 133 555A

   This lists as "injector insert" but the drawing isn't terribly
   clear.  I looked at the 16V engine (which uses CIS-E) and the
   screw in pieces for the injectors on that engine (the diagram
   was clear here) were also listed as "injector insert."

   Hope that helps,
   Bill J

      From:                      09 JUL 2002 13:38
   Subject: Re: [megasquirt] Re: Re: Do I need the relay kit?

   I have the PN's for those of you interested. The inserts for
   the Corrado G60's are  037 133 555A  (this is the same part # as
   for 1991 Foxes..  which I believe are Digi II)  Also there are
   inserts for the Audi 5cyl 20V (3B, AAN, 7A)  I don't know if
   the dimensions are different or what, but the part # is:

      034 133 555

   Hope this helps. Good luck. If you need more part #'s
   for VAG cars let me know.

   -Jared Chapman
   From: "Ian Dewhirst" 
   Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 09:56:42 -0400
   Subject: RE: [megasquirt] Injector questions

   Regarding your injector inserts for cis3 heads  VW PN - 037 133 555
   total cost $25  I use them in a MC head which uses the same injector
   inserts as a CIS3 NA head (shrouded injector type).


Here's a funky one that Pat Carlier found:

Subject: injpocket
   Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 15:59:42 +0200


here's another injector pocket taken from a 1991 audi 100 , 2300
cc I5 engine , normally aspirated KEIII-Jetronic . Engine code AAR .

I know they are used also on 2000cc four cyl audi 100's , from
about 1990 . Probably also on golf's .

As you can see , there's no tread on the pocket , just two O ring
grooves . The pocket is pushed into the head 'it goes in remarkably
easy' and retained by some metal strip .  The k-jet injectors
seal in the pocket the normal way with a thick green o ring , and
a small black one on the end of the injector .

The Audi part nr 026 133 555 A

Feel free to use this info on your site and to pass it on to the
ms group .

I don't think there's an existing counterpart for it to be used
with efi injectors .  So i'll turn them myself on the lath .